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2023 Woke Golden Globes Hits Lowest Ratings Ever On NBC

On Tuesday night, the 2023 Golden Globes experienced a historic low in terms of viewership numbers, with only 6.3 million people tuning in - significantly lower than what was witnessed during the pandemic back in 2021 (6.9 million viewers) and 2020s 18.3 million!

Last year, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony wasn't televised due to a scandal that occurred within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – the organization which organizes this annual award show. This association had been accused of neglecting ethical and racial diversity requirements in its practices.

Unfortunately, the broadcast didn't fare well in terms of attracting viewers from the advertiser-targeted 18-49 demographic either. According to Deadline, it only obtained a 1.1 rating compared to 2021's already low 1.5 rating.

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