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A True Icon, The Legacy Of Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is one of the most iconic figures in the world of television. Best known for her work as a pioneering journalist, Barbara Walters has achieved remarkable success during her long and illustrious career. From covering civil rights to interviewing global leaders, she’s done it all and more. Her impact on the journalism industry has been massive and her legacy will live on for generations to come. This article takes a look at the life and career of Barbara Walters, a true pioneer in the world of media and journalism. 

Born in Boston in 1929, Barbara Walters grew up with an appreciation for literature and writing. After attending Sarah Lawrence College, she started her career as a writer at The Evening Standard newspaper before moving to NBC News where she was their first female writer. From there, she moved on to become a producer at CBS News which led to her creating ABC’s morning news show Good Morning America where she also served as executive producer and co-host. 

In 1976, Walter's continued to make television history when she took over hosting duties for ABC’s news magazine 20/20 which featured interviews with prominent names including former US President Richard Nixon, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Britain’s Princess Diana, actress Katharine Hepburn, and many more famous figures. For many years after 20/20 became a smash hit with viewers, Walters remained its main host while conducting high-profile interviews that captured national headlines every week. 

Walters also hosted several other shows such as The View—a daytime talk show that debuted in 1997—and Primetime Specials that featured conversations with public figures such as Russian president Vladimir Putin or rock star Madonna. In addition to her television work, Walters wrote several books including How To Talk With Practically Anybody About Practically Anything: Connecting With People In A Wired World which was published in


Throughout her impressive career spanning multiple decades and platforms, Barbara Walters completely revolutionized how we consumed television news forever by advancing the boundaries of broadcasting standards worldwide. As a result of this revolutionary shift in media culture, Walters earned several awards including six Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement—the highest honor given out by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences—as well as an honorary degree from Harvard University in 2010 amongst numerous other accolades from various institutions around the world. 

Passing away at 93 years of age, Barbara Walters will continue to be an inspiration to millions around the globe—a legend who blazed a path through gender barriers by becoming one of only three women ever inducted into the Television Hall Of Fame thus far (the others being Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer). Thanks to visionary pioneers like Barbara Walters who had faith in their abilities even when others doubted them we can enjoy drastically improved reporting standards today that inspire us all beyond our wildest imagination

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