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Americans Exposed to Toxic Covid and Pregnancy Tests: The Shocking Revelations Of A Chinese Biolab

In a shocking turn of events, a Chinese-run biolab in the quiet town of Reedley, California, has been exposed as a potential source of toxic Covid and pregnancy tests. Tens of thousands of Americans may have unknowingly used these tests, putting their health at risk. The lab, operated by Universal Meditech Inc., which has strong ties to China, was discovered earlier this year by a vigilant code enforcement officer. Subsequent investigations revealed a multitude of safety violations, including the presence of dangerous viruses and unsanitary conditions.

The Disturbing Findings

  1. Unlicensed Production and Distribution: Universal Meditech Inc., the company behind the biolab, was manufacturing and selling Covid and pregnancy tests without proper approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These unlicensed tests were distributed across Texas and California, potentially reaching tens of thousands of individuals.

  2. Filthy Lab Conditions: The investigation into the biolab uncovered a shocking lack of hygiene and safety protocols. Disease-ridden mice were found in inhumane conditions, along with hundreds of samples of pathogens, blood, and dubious chemicals stored haphazardly in fridges and storage boxes.

  3. Contamination Risk: Experts have expressed concerns about the potential contamination of the tests due to the unsanitary lab conditions. The tests were produced in an environment described as "extraordinarily bad" by Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University. The lack of proper infection control measures raises questions about the reliability and accuracy of the tests.

The Recall and Lack of Transparency

  1. Recall of Unapproved Tests: The FDA issued a recall for 56,300 Universal Meditech Covid tests that were sold without proper approval. The recall, issued in February, did not explicitly mention contamination, leaving many individuals concerned about the potential health risks they may have been exposed to.

  2. Withheld Information: The investigation has been met with a lack of transparency from government agencies. The FDA and the California Department of Public Health have declined to provide detailed information about the number of unapproved tests that made it into the hands of consumers. This lack of transparency has left affected individuals and the community in a state of confusion and frustration.

Public Safety Concerns and Outrage

  1. Environmental Contamination: Residents of Reedley and the surrounding Fresno county are worried about possible environmental contamination resulting from the biolab's activities. Improper waste disposal and the leakage of dangerous bacteria and viruses raise concerns about the long-term health risks for the community.

  2. Government Inaction: The delayed response from local government officials has sparked outrage among residents. The lab was discovered in December 2022 but only raided several months later. Frustration grows as residents question why they were not notified earlier and demand answers about the lab's employees and the level of exposure risk.

The Origins and Purpose of the Lab

  1. Links to China: Universal Meditech Inc., the operator of the biolab, had strong ties to China. The lab's president, Xiuquin Yao, claimed that the lab was a successor to the now-bankrupt Universal Meditech Inc. The exact origins and purpose of the lab are still under investigation, with officials struggling to obtain information about its operations and personnel.

  2. Relocation and Resettlement: Prior to occupying the Reedley warehouse, Universal Meditech Inc. relocated lab materials from a separate facility in Fresno. Prestige BioTech, the successor company, resettled in the Reedley warehouse without a proper license. Investigators discovered Covid and pregnancy tests on-site, indicating that the lab was still involved in their production.

Questions of Intent and Biosafety

  1. No Evidence of Bioterrorism: While the conditions and safety violations at the lab are deeply concerning, infectious disease experts do not believe there is evidence of a bioterrorism threat. The lab's contents, including dangerous viruses and bacteria, are not typically associated with bioweapons. However, the lack of biosafety measures and the potential for accidental release of pathogens raise serious concerns about public safety.

  2. Compromised Test Results: The unsanitary conditions and lack of rigorous infection control measures cast doubt on the accuracy and reliability of the Covid and pregnancy tests produced in the biolab. Dr. Schaffner emphasized the importance of precise and controlled laboratory environments for producing accurate diagnostic tests. In this case, the conditions were far from adequate, raising concerns about false positives and false negatives.

Community Outcry and the Need for Regulation

  1. Community Concerns: Residents of Reedley express their fear and frustration regarding the lack of information and transparency surrounding the biolab. They demand answers about potential exposure risks and the actions taken by local officials. The community calls for accountability and assurance that their safety is being prioritized.

  2. Regulation and Biosafety Measures: The revelations of this biolab's operations highlight the need for stringent regulation and enforcement of biosafety measures. Infectious disease experts emphasize the importance of maintaining biosafety standards in laboratories worldwide to prevent accidental releases and protect public health.

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