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Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Trans Athletes in Women's Sports, New Poll Finds

A new poll has found that a vast majority of Americans are opposed to allowing transgender female athletes to compete on women's and girls' sports teams. According to the Washington Post-University of Maryland poll, 58% of Americans say transgender women should not be permitted to compete against biological women in college or professional sports.

The survey also found that 55% of Americans are opposed to allowing transgender women and girls to participate in high school sports, while only 33% supported this. Similarly, only 34% of those surveyed said they supported trans athletes playing on teams that aligned with their “gender identity”, compared to 62% who were against it.

These results come as states across the country are enacting laws barring transgender female athletes from competing on women's sports teams. The issue has become increasingly politicized over the past few years, with some arguing that allowing trans athletes to compete would give them an unfair advantage over their cisgender peers. However, many have argued that these laws are discriminatory and deny trans people access to educational opportunities and resources.

The poll findings show a deep divide between Republicans and Democrats on the issue. While 81% of Republicans said they oppose trans athletes competing in female sports, only 37% of Democrats shared this opinion. This partisan divide is reflected in state legislatures across the country, where Republican lawmakers have been pushing for more restrictive policies regarding trans athletes while Democratic legislators have been advocating for greater inclusion and acceptance.

Overall, the poll results show that most Americans oppose allowing transgender female athletes to participate in women's sports at all levels. As debates about gender identity continue across the nation, it is important for lawmakers and citizens alike to consider how best to ensure fairness and equality for all involved parties.

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