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Anglican Church Leaders Oust Archbishop of Canterbury as Head

A group of Anglican church leaders from around the world have ousted the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as their head following the decision to allow same-sex couples to be blessed in church. This is a major blow to the Church of England and its leader, who had been advocating for reform within the church.

The move was made by a group of global Anglican church leaders who were opposed to the changes being proposed by Welby and his supporters. The group argued that allowing same-sex couples to be blessed in church would go against traditional Christian teachings and beliefs.

The decision has caused a rift within the Anglican Church, with many members expressing their disagreement with the move. Supporters of Welby have argued that it is unfair to deny same-sex couples the right to be blessed in church, while opponents argue that it goes against traditional values and beliefs.

It remains unclear what will happen next for the Church of England and its leader, but this latest development has certainly caused much debate among members. It is likely that further discussions will take place before any final decisions are made.

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