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Apple Removes Glenn Beck Podcast

In a surprising turn of events, Apple Podcasts has removed over 3,000 episodes of "The Glenn Beck Program" from its distribution network. The conservative host, Glenn Beck himself, expressed his confusion and frustration, stating that he was given no explanation for the removal. While Apple has not provided a specific reason, it appears that the issue may be related to a technical glitch rather than censorship. In this article, we will explore the details surrounding the removal of the podcast, the potential causes, and the implications it may have for content creators on Apple's platform.

Glenn Beck took to social media to express his concern over the removal of his podcast from Apple Podcasts. He shared a screenshot of an email he received from Apple, which stated that there was an issue with his show that needed to be resolved before it could be available on the platform. The email also informed him that his show had been removed until the problem was resolved. Beck, in turn, urged his followers to contact Apple and demand the reinstatement of his podcast.

While Apple has not explicitly stated the reason behind the removal, it is likely that it is a technical issue rather than an act of censorship. One Twitter user, Daniel J. Lewis, pointed out that the RSS feed for "The Glenn Beck Program" is significantly larger than the average feed size allowed by Apple. Historically, Apple has flagged RSS files that exceed 5MB, and it is possible that the oversized feed triggered an automatic removal. This suggests that the removal may be a result of a technical glitch rather than a deliberate act of censorship.

"Hello! I'm not from @ApplePodcasts, but I've been helping podcasters for years. And I think this is truly a technical problem, not censorship. I see that your RSS feed is That feed is more than 11 MB! That's so big I'm surprised it hasn't failed in Apple." - Daniel J. Lewis (@theDanielJLewis) August 16, 2023

Beck himself acknowledged the possibility of a glitch in his initial video, stating that he could not imagine any reason why his show would be removed. He emphasized that there were no content policy violations or strikes against his show and highlighted that other similar programs, such as Bill O'Reilly's show and Charlie Kirk's, were not impacted despite having smaller RSS feeds.

The removal of "The Glenn Beck Program" raises concerns for content creators on Apple's platform. While the specific reason for the removal may be a technical glitch, it highlights the vulnerability of creators who rely on third-party platforms for the distribution of their content. This incident serves as a reminder that content creators should have alternative means of distributing their podcasts to mitigate the risk of sudden removals or disruptions.

Despite the removal from Apple Podcasts, "The Glenn Beck Program" remains available on other platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, iHeart, Stitcher, and Beck's own BlazeTV service. This highlights the importance of diversifying distribution channels to reach a broader audience and reduce reliance on a single platform.

The removal of a popular podcast like "The Glenn Beck Program" raises questions about the future of podcasting and the potential for censorship on digital platforms. With the increasing influence of big tech companies in controlling the flow of information, concerns about the suppression of certain viewpoints are becoming more prevalent. The incident involving Glenn Beck's podcast serves as a reminder of the challenges content creators may face in navigating these platforms.

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