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Are mRNA Vaccine Patches On The Way

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is investing up to $4.3 million in biotechnology company Vaxxas to advance the development of a revolutionary patch using mRNA technology, which experts believe could be a game-changer in the fight against Covid-19. The patch would enable easier and more efficient distribution than traditional vaccines, while also offering accurate and safe dosing with minimal waste.

High-density microarray patches are made up of thousands of microscopic points attached to a small patch; each point contains a tiny dose of vaccine in a dried format that can be put on the skin directly without requiring needles or syringes. CEPI Chief Executive Richard Hatchett believes this form could improve access to vaccinations, particularly during an outbreak situation or in remote regions around the world due to its heat stability and mailability capabilities. 

Experts reckon that this revolutionary new form of vaccination could save lives by significantly speeding up the process of delivering vaccines to vulnerable populations who may not have access to medical facilities with regular injections available. In addition, it is hoped that the patch will reduce hospital visits and ultimately save money as it removes the need for refrigerated or frozen storage during transportation and delivery, eliminating both costs and safety concerns over potential spoilage.

Furthermore, current research efforts have identified 176 potential Covid-19 vaccines that are currently being tested on humans while 199 others are being developed further within labs. Of those tested thus far, 159 injectable options have been identified as well as 5 oral variants – with 12 other forms such as nasal inhalation delivery systems being considered by WHO officials. 

The number of adults taking the MRNA jab has been dramatically reduced, especially the amount of parents giving their kids the vaccine has sharply declined, this seems to be a way to make things simpler and more accessible.

With more questions about the safety of the vaccine, this will be an uphill battle to sell anything with mRNA technology.

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