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"Arsonist Scum" Called Out by Greece Following 79 Arrests in Relation to Raging Wildfires

In the face of devastating wildfires, Greece has made a bold condemnation, labeling those responsible as "arsonist scum." The country's law enforcement has taken stern action, arresting 79 individuals on charges related to arson.

The wildfires, some of the largest ever recorded in Europe, have been wreaking havoc across Greece. Firefighters are battling two major blazes, one in Evros and others in various parts of the country. Despite their tireless efforts, the fires continue to rage, causing significant destruction and loss of life.

Greek authorities have been swift in their response, apprehending dozens of people on arson-related charges. These arrests come amidst allegations that the fires were deliberately set, a claim that has further fueled public outrage.

At least 21 people have died as a result of the wildfires, according to reports from Forbes. This grim toll underscores the severity of the situation and the urgent need for action.

Greek officials have pledged to hold those responsible accountable. The arrests made thus far include both cases of negligence and deliberate arson. Almost all were heat-related incidents, but a significant number were deliberate acts of arson.

The term "arsonist scum" has been used by Greek authorities to describe those who have intentionally set the fires, reflecting the country's anger and frustration at these senseless acts of destruction.

As Greece continues to grapple with this crisis, the hope is that these arrests will serve as a deterrent to others and help to prevent further devastation.

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