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Backlash after Trans comedian Jordan Gray strips naked and plays piano with penis on live tv (VIDEO)

A transgender comedian stripped naked in the middle of their performance and then played the keyboard with their penis on live TV. 

Jordan Gray, who was born a man, but is in the process of becoming a trans woman, performant on Friday Night Live. Jordan performed a song full of expletives about being a transgender woman.

Before the show, Gray tweeted: 'Tonight we make history.' 

'I haven't had a Yorkie bar in five years,' Gray said at the beginning of the performance, referencing the chocolate brand's old slogan 'it's not for girls'. 

Grays started singing: 'I look out in the faces in this room, and wish that I could crawl back in the womb.

'And start again, against God's plans, with different glands and smaller hands.' 

Gray goes on singing and intensely playing the keyboard.

At the end of the song, Gray says to the audience 'You know the best thing about live TV? I can do stupid stuff like this!' 

Gray jumps up and starts counting 'one, two, three' and rips off her clothes until completely exposed. 

After dancing around naked, the singer/comedian goes back to the keyboard, and shouts 'see you Friday at the London Palladium b*****s' and plays the keyboard with their penis.

Uncensored video:

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