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Biden Fails To Protect, Chinese Spy Balloon Collects Intelligence From US Military Sites

A Chinese spy balloon was able to collect intelligence from several U.S. military sites, despite efforts by the Biden White House to block it. According to reports, the balloon flew over sensitive military sites in February and was able to transmit data back to China.

The balloon was reportedly able to make multiple passes over some of the sites, flying figure-eight formations at times. It is unclear what kind of information was collected or how much of a threat this poses for the United States.

The Department of Defense has not commented on the reports and it is still unknown if any action will be taken against China for this breach of security. The Biden administration has been vocal about its commitment to protecting national security and this incident could be a test of that promise.

The news comes as tensions between China and the United States continue to rise over Russia and Ukraine war. This latest incident could further strain relations between the two countries and could have serious implications for global security.

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out but one thing is certain: The United States must take steps to ensure that its military bases are secure from foreign threats like this one.

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