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Biden Refers to Maryland's First Black Governor as "Boy" in Speech

During a speech on Wednesday, President Joe Biden referred to Maryland's first black governor, 44-year-old Wes Moore, as “boy.” The comment sparked outrage among many who felt the term was racially charged and inappropriate.

Biden was speaking at an event for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Lanham, Maryland when he made the remark. He said, “He’s the real deal, and the boy looked like he could still play. He got some guns on him."

The comment quickly drew criticism from many who felt that Biden had used a racially charged word to refer to Moore. Some argued that the term was disrespectful and demeaning towards Moore and other black Americans. Others noted that while Biden may not have intended any malice by his words, they still carried connotations of racism and should be avoided in polite discourse.

Despite the controversy surrounding his remarks, Biden has yet to apologize or address the issue publicly. His office has declined to comment on the matter so far.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has also remained silent on the issue thus far. However, Senator Ben Cardin recently spoke out about it during a floor speech for Black History Month. He said that while Biden's comments were unfortunate and inappropriate, they should not overshadow the historic moment of Moore becoming Maryland's first black governor last year.

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