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Biden Will Recommend New COVID Vaccines for All, Children Included, This Fall Amid Covid Resurgence

President Joe Biden has announced that new COVID vaccines are likely to be recommended for every American this fall, including children, due to an upswing in infections. The statement comes as the nation continues to grapple with a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

The President's announcement aligns with his administration's ongoing efforts to encourage all Americans to get vaccinated, especially given the recent increase in infection rates. "We will be encouraging all Americans to get those boosters in addition to flu shots and RSV shots," a White House official stated, according to Reuters.

The administration is particularly focused on extending vaccinations to children under 12, a group that has not been eligible for vaccination until now. Biden has emphasized the 'gigantically important' step of getting vaccinated amid surging cases, as reported by The Guardian.

This development follows an internal debate among President Biden's top officials on whether to allow younger Americans to receive a fourth shot now. ABC News also reported that the effort to introduce new COVID vaccines is expected to commence this fall.

Biden believes that COVID vaccinations for kids and booster shots for adults will expedite the nation's recovery from the pandemic. As he stated, these measures will "accelerate" the nation's path out of the pandemic, according to CNBC.

As summer brings a so-called "surge" in COVID-19 transmission, the administration's plan to roll out new vaccines is seen as a critical step in curbing the spread of the virus. The increase in COVID-19 circulation appears to stem from multiple factors, including summer travel and the resumption of school activities, as per the Los Angeles Times.

As the country prepares for the possibility of a new wave of COVID-19, the Biden administration remains committed to ensuring that all Americans, including children, have access to the latest vaccines.

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