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Big Payback! Majorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar Assigned To Committees

Recently, U.S. House Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona have been reassigned to new committees in the House following their removal from previous committees due to incendiary remarks.

The new assignments were agreed upon unanimously by the House GOP Steering Committee, with Rep. Greene taking a seat on the Homeland Security Committee and Rep. Gosar being assigned back to his prior seat on the Natural Resources Committee. 

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has promised that both Republicans will be reassigned to their respective posts, as well as pledged that some Democrats will also be removed from their current committee assignments in kind.

There is little doubt that this move has caused quite a bit of controversy within Congress, as the drastic change in committee assignments will greatly affect how members will engage with each other politically and create or break political alliances in congress. 

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