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Celebrity Couples Show Out For New Years Eve Celebrations

Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti took to Instagram and showed the world that they are boo’ed up.

Both stars removed all of their Instagram posts and left us only pictures and videos of the two of them enjoying an intimate New Year's Eve celebration.

Yo Gotti posted a slide of two pictures where, in the first, he demonstrates chivalry by holding an umbrella over Angela Simmons as he helps her out of what seems to be a Rolls-Royce. Both stars are donned in all black formal attire. The second picture on the slide shows him with a handful as he cuffs Angela’s backside in an intimate embrace. He captions the post “Happy New Year” with the hashtag “CMG.”

He also posts a video of Angela posing, smiling and being silly next to the car. He captions this one “Ain loss a crush since High School”.

Fans recall the 2015 song “Down in the DM” where Gotti admits to having a crush on Angela Simmons.

I love the ’Gram, I love the ’Gram (I love the ’Gram)

I'm addicted to it, I know I am (I know I am)

And I just followed Angela (Simmons)

Boy, I got a crush on Angela Simmons

They like, “Damn Gotti, you bold”

Fuck it, I'm gon' let the world know (#goals)

Simmons captioned one of her posts of Gotti and herself, “You are all I need and more.” With a red heart emoji.

Diddy also took to Instagram to posts pictures of him and his girlfriend Yung Miami. The two have been in the headlines a lot lately after Diddy announced that he has a new baby girl by someone other than his girlfriend. Yung Miami has been taking a lot of slack since Diddy announced to the public that he had a baby with another woman.

Many questioned how legitimate their relationship was in Diddy’s mind. They criticized and laughed at her for claiming him so loudly and boldly.

Well, Diddy posted a slide of pictures of the two of them sharing romantic glances and intimate moments on a ship. In some they looked at each other smiling, or Yung Miami was perched on his lap, others show them dancing together. His caption read “Happy New Year, Love” with a red heart emoji.

Yung Miami also posted romantic and intimate moments of the two of them together on the ship, she captioned her post “Another 365 days around the world with you. Happy New Year!”

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