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Black gun rights activists insist on ‘closed borders’ in Austin protest


Armed black Second Amendment activists called for an end to illegal immigration and closure of US borders during a march in Austin over the weekend.

The Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club gathered protesters on Saturday for the “Second Amendment Unity Walk” through the city to the Texas Capitol.

The activists chanted in support of closed borders and against immigration as they marched through the streets, according to footage shot by journalist Ford Fischer.

“What do we want?” one protester asked.
“Closed borders,” the group yelled back. 
“When do we want it?” the protestor asked.

Nick Bezzel, founder of the Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club said that while they have no issue with immigration, illegal immigration is a different story.

Bezzel said that black people are often passed up for jobs in favor of those who are here illegally, and so the goal is to end illegal immigration overall. “We want to stop illegal immigration so black people can make living wages,” she explained.

The key demands from the black gun rights group were for reparations and a hate crime bill, both of which would protect black Americans.

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