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Black woman Zeldin supporter choked by white man Hochul supporter at rally, fights with councilwoman

Footage shows a Black female protester at a Gov. Kathy Hochul rally in Manhattan being choked by a large White man on Saturday evening, as a Black female New York City lawmaker restrains her.

The skirmish happened close to the landmark Stonewall Inn. Here Hochul, the Democratic candidate, was appearing with host Andy Cohen to rally LGBTQ support nearing the gubernatorial election.

Footage shows the man choking the woman, and Democratic Councilwoman Crystal Hudson restrained the woman being choked before she gets loose and shoves the councilwoman away.

The clip did not show how or why the fight started, however the woman who was being choked said it started when someone took her sign and she attempted to retrieve it. Her sign showed pictures of Hochul along with other Democrats and the tagline “Vote Them Out.”

Twitter video link:

“I was here holding my sign, and … peaceful protest, against you know, Gov. Hochul, and a woman — a very large heavyset woman, I’m assuming, you know, might have been a man — came and took my sign,” She said.

“As I was trying to retrieve my sign, there was another man that came and choked me, and there were two other people that were coming and preventing me from trying to get my sign,” she continued.

“Never wanted to get physical with anyone, I was just there peacefully just holding my sign, and you know, they didn’t want to hear what I had to say,” she added.

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