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Boston SatanCon-goers Rip Up the Holy Bible While Screaming “Hail Satan”

Boston, Massachusetts – The largest Satanic gathering in history, SatanCon 2023, kicked off with a provocative opening ceremony. Attendees renounced “symbols of oppression” by ripping up a Holy Bible and a pro-police flag in a formal ceremony. The event has sparked outrage and protests from many, but some attendees see it as a celebration of religious freedom and individualism.

The Satanic Temple has organized SatanCon for years, but this year's event has garnered more attention than ever before. The controversial nature of the gathering has caused heated debates across the country, with some labeling it as an attack on Christianity and American values.

Despite the backlash, over 98 attendees participated in the ceremony, chanting “Hail Satan!” as they tore up pages of the Holy Bible. Minister Rose d'Arc even performed an “Unbaptism Ceremony” in the Little Black Chapel, further adding to the controversy.

Protesters gathered outside the event, holding signs condemning Satanism and the destruction of the Bible. However, the SatanCon-goers remained undeterred and continued with their celebration.

The Satanic Temple argues that Satanism is more about individualism and challenging societal norms than worshiping the devil. However, the Bible is seen as a sacred text by many Christians, and the destruction of it has caused outrage among the religious community.

This year's SatanCon has sparked debates about the limits of religious freedom and individual liberty. While some argue that everyone should have the right to celebrate their beliefs, others see the destruction of the Bible as a direct attack on Christianity.

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