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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Will Not Concede in Election, Supporters Rejoice

Brazilian citizens and Brazilian police and military support the efforts of Bolsonaro’s to stand up to socialists attempts to steal the Brazilian election.

Bolsonaro, also known as “Trump of the Tropics” is not accepting Brazil’s stolen election. The people, the military, and the police are rallying behind him. 

TGP reported last night, the President of Brazil known as “Trump of the Tropics” has decided not to accept the stolen election in Brazil.

The people of Brazil came out in what appears to be millions in order to support Bolsonaro’s effort to find out the truth.

Full Video:

San Paolo, Brazil is a massive city full of protesters who are against the stolen election and are supporting Bolsonaro screaming that Lula is an election there who belongs in prison.

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