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BREAKING: Adidas has decided to end its business relationship with Billionaire Kanye “Ye” West.

Billionaire Kanye "Ye" West suffers another setback, this time Adidas cuts its ties with the rapper, and fashion mogul over his so-called antisemitic remarks.

Yesterday Hollywood talent agency CAA decided to also end its relationship with West over his remarks that he's made over the past few weeks. An anonymous representative of the company said "I can confirm that Kanye is not a client," when contacted by CNBC.

Ari Emanuel the chief executive officer of Endeavor has called on every company that works with Kanye to end its ties with the rapper.

Recently MRC a film studio known for producing the television series "Ozark," ditched Ye's upcoming documentary about himself.

What's happening now, is the exact thing that Kanye West has been saying in his string of media rants, claiming its people at the top who own the culture, who shut you out, just for not agreeing with what's being said, and this is happening to him in real-time.

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