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BREAKING: Facebook and Instagram Reinstates Donald Trump’s Account

After two years of being banned from Facebook and Instagram, former President Donald Trump's accounts have been reinstated.

The decision to reinstate Trump's accounts was made by Meta, the parent company of both social media platforms. This comes after Trump's campaign formally petitioned Meta to unblock his account in January. In a letter reviewed by NBC News, Trump's lawyers wrote that a continued ban of the former president and 2024 candidate from the platform could be seen as a "denial of his First Amendment rights."

The decision has caused much debate within Meta, with some arguing that allowing Trump back on the platforms would go against their policies on hate speech and incitement of violence. However, others argued that banning him would be seen as censorship and an infringement on free speech.

In response to the news, many people have expressed their opinions on social media. Some are pleased with the decision to reinstate Trump's accounts while others feel it goes against Facebook and Instagram's policies.

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