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Breaking News: Susan Rice Resigns as White House Domestic Policy Adviser

In a surprising turn of events, Ambassador Susan E. Rice has announced her resignation from her role as White House Domestic Policy Adviser in the Biden Administration. Rice, who previously served as the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, played a pivotal role in driving the formulation of domestic policy.

Rice's resignation comes as a shock to many, as she was perceived as a valuable member of President Biden's administration. Throughout her tenure, she has been a driving force in shaping policy on issues like healthcare, education, and the environment.

While the reasons for her resignation remain unknown, it is sure to have far-reaching consequences for the Biden administration. Rice had developed close ties with the President over the years, and her departure will undoubtedly leave a void in the administration.

As the news spreads, people are already speculating about who could replace Rice in this crucial role. In the meantime, we can only wait and see how things unfold in the coming days.

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