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Breaking: Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania rushed to hospital overnight

Sen. John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democrat who suffered a stroke during his campaign last year, was taken to George Washington University Hospital on Wednesday night after feeling lightheaded.

Fetterman's office released a statement late Wednesday night saying that he was being kept overnight for observation and that initial tests did not show evidence of another stroke. The statement said that Fetterman is in good spirits and thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

The Senator had been attending the Senate Democratic retreat earlier in the day when he started feeling lightheaded towards the end of it. He was then rushed to the hospital where he will be staying overnight for observation. His office has asked people to respect his privacy as he receives medical attention.

This is not the first time Fetterman has faced health issues since being elected to the Senate in 2019. Last year, he suffered a stroke while campaigning but made a full recovery and returned to work shortly afterwards.

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