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Britney Spears shocks fans with the claims that she changed her name

Britney Spears shocked fans around the world when she announced that she had changed her name to River Red. The singer, 41, made the announcement after her husband Sam Asghari and they were married in June of 2023.

The pop star shared a picture of herself wearing a red Coca-Cola two-piece swimsuit on Instagram with the caption “I’ve changed my name to Brooklyn!!!” This led many to speculate that she had changed her last name to Asghari, although this was not confirmed by Spears or her representatives.

Spears also posted a selfie from Mexico with the caption “Instagram doesn’t like posts from people showing their bodies anymore. So here’s a selfie of me in Mexico!” This post was met with much speculation as well, as some fans thought it was an indication that Spears had changed her name to Brooklyn.

Spears has yet to confirm whether or not she has officially changed her name, but fans are eager for more information about the situation. In the meantime, they have been sending messages of support and love for Spears on social media.

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