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Bud Light Sponsors Toronto Pride Parade Attended by Naked Men, Children

Bud Light, the embattled beer company, served as an official sponsor of the Toronto Pride parade on Sunday. Video footage from the event shows naked men standing around and riding bicycles in the street.

The parade was attended by children, who were exposed to public nudity. The beer brand is now facing criticism for its decision to sponsor the event.

"This is not what I want my kids to see," said one parent who attended the parade with her children. "I'm disappointed that Bud Light would be a part of something like this."

Other critics have called for more boycotts of Bud Light products, claiming that their sponsorship of the parade is inappropriate and offensive.

"It's outrageous that Bud Light would choose to support something like this," said another critic on Twitter. "They deserve to go broke."

Tomi Lahren weighed in on the controversy, questioning whether or not Bud Light will be able to recover from its involvement in the event.

"Bud Light has been a proud partner of Pride Toronto for 10 years," said a spokesperson for Bud Light Canada in response to criticism. "We are committed to celebrating and supporting diversity within our communities."

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