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‘ Call animal control,’ People Who Identify as Dogs Gather in Berlin

In an extraordinary display of self-expression and identity, a group of individuals in Berlin gathered at the Potsdamer Platz railway station to celebrate their unique affinity for the canine world. With over a thousand participants, this unconventional meetup has sparked both curiosity and controversy. While some people support and embrace this expression of identity, others have called for animal control intervention. Let us explore this fascinating event and delve into the motivations behind it.

The Unconventional Canine Gathering

The gathering took place at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station, where about 1,000 individuals who identify as dogs came together to connect with like-minded individuals. The event gained attention on social media, with videos of the meetup quickly going viral. Attendees were seen engaging with each other through barking and whistling, embracing their canine personas.

Mixed Reactions and Controversy

As with any unconventional event, the gathering of people who identify as dogs sparked a range of reactions online. Some people expressed support and curiosity, acknowledging the importance of self-expression and acceptance. However, others took a more critical stance, mocking and criticizing the participants. Social media platforms became a battleground of varying opinions, with debates centered around the boundaries of identity and the appropriateness of such gatherings.

"Problems with an over-desire to flaunt genders, orientations, personalities, etc. Just be natural and identify yourself as a human; it's more than enough," commented a user.
"Call animal control and give them their rabies doses," wrote another user.
"But if they identify as dogs, why do they put on masks?" asked a curious observer.

Exploring the Motivations

To gain a deeper understanding of this unconventional gathering, it is essential to explore the motivations behind people identifying as dogs. While the surface-level explanation may seem bizarre to some, there are psychological perspectives that shed light on this phenomenon. It is crucial to differentiate between "therians" and "furries" to grasp the complexity of this issue.

Therians: Identifying as Creatures

Therians are individuals who identify as a creature other than human. For example, some may believe they have a cat soul reincarnated into a human body. Dr. Elizabeth Fein, an associate professor of psychology at Duquesne University, explains that therians may have a genuine belief in their identity as non-human creatures. This belief is rooted in a deep connection to a specific animal or creature.

Furries: Cosplaying and Enjoying Animal Suits

On the other hand, furries are individuals who enjoy cosplaying in animal suits. While some furries may also identify as therians, the two groups are distinct. Furries engage in the act of wearing animal costumes or fur suits to express their connection to anthropomorphic animal characters. This form of self-expression and creativity allows furries to explore a different side of their identity.

The Influence of Viral Fame

The recent viral fame of Toco, a Japanese individual who fulfilled his lifelong aspiration of becoming a dog through a hyper-realistic suit, may have played a role in inspiring similar gatherings. Toco's story captured the attention of people worldwide, demonstrating that the desire to express one's identity in unconventional ways is not limited to a specific geographic location.

Embracing Diversity and Self-Expression

While the gathering of people who identify as dogs may seem peculiar to some, it is essential to embrace diversity and respect different forms of self-expression. Society has come a long way in accepting various identities, including those related to gender, sexuality, and now, even species. It is crucial to foster an environment where individuals can explore and express their identity without fear of judgment or ridicule.

The Importance of Differentiating Identities

Experts emphasize the importance of distinguishing between different identities to avoid generalizations and misconceptions. Understanding the nuances between therians and furries helps shed light on the motivations and experiences of individuals within these communities. By recognizing and respecting these distinctions, we can foster a more inclusive society that celebrates diverse identities.

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