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Chelsea Mitchell, 'The Fastest Girl in Connecticut,' Sues State After Losing to Trans Athletes

Former high school track star Chelsea Mitchell is suing the state of Connecticut for allowing males to compete in female sports. Mitchell, who was once dubbed 'the fastest girl in Connecticut', claims that she has been robbed of multiple titles due to the state's policy.

Mitchell had won four consecutive state championships in the 55-meter dash and was on track to win her fifth when two transgender athletes began competing against her. She has since lost several races and believes that she would have been able to win if not for the unfair competition.

"It's discouraging that the federal district court dismissed my case," said Mitchell. "I'm not asking for special treatment, I just want a fair chance."

The lawsuit centers on Mitchell and another transgender sprinter, Andraya Yearwood, of Cromwell High School, who have frequently outperformed their cisgender counterparts. The plaintiffs are now looking for a court of appeals to erase records of Connecticut transgender high school runners so they can compete on a level playing field with other female athletes.

Selina Soule, another track athlete in Connecticut, is also part of the lawsuit as she too has been forced to compete against biological males. She believes that it is unfair for trans athletes to be allowed into female sports as they have an inherent physical advantage over their cisgender opponents.

"Female athletes deserve to compete on a level playing field," said Soule. "We shouldn't be forced out of our own sport because some people don't think we belong there."

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