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China's PLA Advances Development of Brain-Control Weapons: A New Era of Warfare

In a startling revelation, recent reports suggest that China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is actively developing brain-control weaponry. These weapons are purportedly capable of influencing the thoughts and actions of government leaders or even entire populations.

The development of these brain-control weapons could signal a significant shift in warfare strategies. No longer confined to physical or digital battlegrounds, warfare could now extend into the cognitive realm. This raises serious ethical and security concerns for the global community.

Reports from various sources, including the New York Post and India Times, indicate that these weapons could paralyze or control enemies, effectively breaking their will to resist.

This cognitive control operation aligns with an autocratic regime seeking both physical and digital oversight. It's part of what Chinese officials call the "intelligentization" of warfare, as revealed by translated 2019 reports.

The US has expressed concern over these developments. Several US officials claim that China is weaponizing biotechnology for potential offensive use.

Meanwhile, The Guardian suggests that platforms like TikTok could be part of China's cognitive warfare campaign. Translated Chinese military reports imply that warfare is shifting from destroying bodies to paralyzing and controlling the opponent's mind.

These developments underscore the need for international regulations on the use of such technology. If unchecked, the potential long-term impact on privacy, innovation, and human autonomy could be substantial.

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