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Comedian Chris Rock Calls Lawmakers 'Stupid' for Wanting Trump Arrested

Comedian Chris Rock has recently called out lawmakers for wanting to arrest former President Donald Trump, calling them “stupid”. In a recent interview, Rock joked that Trump was “romantic” for allegedly paying off porn star Stormy Daniels and warned that arresting him would only make him more popular.

Rock's comments come in the wake of the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol, which many have blamed on Trump's rhetoric. Since then, there have been calls from some lawmakers to arrest the former president and hold him accountable for his actions. However, Rock believes that this would be a mistake and could actually end up helping Trump in the long run.

"Arresting him is only going to make him more popular," said Rock. "It's like when people say they want to cancel someone - it just makes them more famous." He went on to compare Trump's alleged payment of Stormy Daniels to a romantic gesture, saying "It's kind of romantic that he paid her off so Melania wouldn't find out."

Rock also commented on the current political climate in America, saying "The great divide was caused by Obama and he set back racial relations by 50 years. President Trump is saying things that the establishment doesn't want to hear." He went on to suggest that this could lead to another civil war if something isn't done soon.

Chris Rock's comments about wanting to arrest Donald Trump have sparked debate among many people who are divided over whether or not it would be beneficial for society as a whole. While some believe it could help bring justice and accountability, others think it could end up making matters worse by further dividing an already polarized nation.

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