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Cop who had sexual relations with fellow officers, offered $10,000 to strip at Nashville strip club

A former Tennessee police officer, Maegan Hall, has been offered money to strip at a Nashville club after she was fired from her job for having sexual relationships with six of her fellow officers.

Hall was employed by the La Vergne Police Department when an internal investigation determined that she had performed oral sex on Sgt. Lewis Powell and Detective Seneca Shields while on duty. As a result, five officers were fired and three others were suspended following the scandal.

The offer to perform at the strip club came shortly after Hall's firing and was reportedly worth $10,000 for two shows. The city of La Vergne is now seeking to have Hall decertified as an officer in the state of Tennessee.

Hall's husband Jedidiah has stood by her side throughout the scandal, despite its shocking nature. He has said that he will continue to support his wife through this difficult time and hopes that justice will be served in the end.

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