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Cori Bush’s new book flops and sells only 729 copies in first week

Rep. Cori Bush's (D-Missouri) new book sold a measly 729 copies in its first week, according to NPD BookScan.

"The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America" by Knopf was released on Oct. 4th. The publisher paid Bush an advance as shown in his financial disclosure reports, which is at least $50,000.

There was a steep decline in sales after the first week, with NDP only reporting 288 books sold in its second week.

Industry experts said Knopf's book launch was only "mediocre" and that it was unlikely they would make their money back.

The book, which is a political memoir, gives insight into Bush's history as a minimum-wage worker, sexual violence survivor, and Black Lives Matter activist.

“When I wasn’t in Ferguson, I would still see armored vehicles, even when they were not there. At random moments in the day, I would smell tear gas, even when none had been sprayed,” Bush wrote, saying protesting gave her PTSD.

A source who worked with Bush claimed “It’s not the book. It’s just there’s a lack of interest in her. She just hasn’t built a strong enough brand to sell books yet."

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