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Dalai Lama Apologizes for Inappropriate Behavior

The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has recently apologized after a video surfaced of him kissing a child on the lips. The footage triggered an outcry online with social media users condemning his behavior as inappropriate and disturbing, especially when he asks the little boy to "suck his tongue."

In response to the criticism, His Holiness issued an apology on Monday. He said, “If people feel that they were hurt by what I said or did, I apologize.” He also added that he had no intention of hurting anyone and was simply trying to be affectionate towards the child.

The incident has raised questions about how adults should interact with children in public settings and whether it is ever appropriate to kiss them on the lips. While many cultures have different customs when it comes to physical contact between adults and children, it is important to remember that all children deserve respect and protection from any form of abuse or exploitation.

It is clear that the Dalai Lama regrets his actions and realizes that he made a mistake. What seem to be the question now is, how many times has the Dalai Lama been in this situation with a child, or was this the only one that we caught recorded.

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