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Dave Chappelle accused of anti-Semitism by SNL viewers; “It’s a lot of Jews”

Comedian Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and, as usual, he ruffled some feathers.

Many people expected Chappelle, who does not shy away from controversial topics, to speak on the situations regarding his friend Ye, formerly Kanye West, and NBA player Kyrie Irving.

He did not disappoint his fans and now many people are throwing him into the boat with Ye and Irving and accusing him of being anti-Semitic too.

Chappelle said in his monologue for SNL “if they’re back, it’s a gang, if they are Italian, it’s a mob, but if they’re Jewish, it’s a coincidence and you should neeeever speak about it.” to an audience that cheered with laughter.

Later the comedian said “I’ve been to Hollywood. This is just what I saw. It’s a lot of Jews.” Again the audience became swollen with laughter.

Chappelle rubbed some SNL viewers the wrong way when spoke about the former President, Donald Trump's courage. "They've never seen someone like him....I've never seen a white male billionaire screaming at the top of his lungs: This whole system is rigged...

No one had ever seen anything like that. No one had ever seen somebody come from inside of that house and tell all the commoners we're doing everything you think we are doing inside of that house..."

Twitter users quickly jumped on their devices to call Dave Chappelle is anti-Semetic.

One Twitter user said “Holy shit this Dave Chapelle monologue is really fucking antisemitic. How is he allowed on live tv?”

Another tweet read “@nbcsnl you have officially lost me as a viewer disgusting and outrageous that you would allow Dave Chapelle to appear on your show. homophobic and tonight's opening monologue was just downright antisemetic.…you should be ashamed.”

“Not sure Dave Chapelle is convincing anyone he's not antisemitic here @nbcsnl,” another user wrote.

Yet another angry Twitter user posted “Hey @DaveChappelle - when you say sh't like you did on @nbcsnl tonight, you give #Antisemitism a

boost. If you give #KanyeWest a pass, and hint that Jews control #Hollywood you only give legitimacy to #evil Please f-off. @ADL”

One tweet said that the comedian was spewing anti-Semitic bullshit. They wrote “dave chapelle getting on national television and saying kanye is right, there are a lot of jews in hollywood,' is so terrifying, and not funny at all? shame on @nbcsnl for giving this man a platform for spewing this antisemitic bullshit.”

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