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Despite controversy, Kyrie Irving leads all Eastern Conference guards in NBA All-Star votes

Despite all the controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets star is still a fan favorite … 'cause he's currently leading all Eastern Conference guards in NBA All-Star votes.

Despite recent media frenzies regarding Kyrie Irving controversy, the NBA star is still a favorite among fans. The Brooklyn Nets player has the highest number of NBA All-Star votes out of all Easter Conference guards.

The first return of fan votes was released on Thursday. LeBron James and Kevin Durant led their conferences with more than 3 million votes a piece.

Irving currently sits at the number one when it comes to the voting points for the guards. Donovan Mitchell and James Harden follow behind him.

Last October, Irving came under fire when he shared a link on his social media of a documentary that was later said to have antisemitic content. In the aftermath, Irving was suspended and asked to apologize. Despite the constant criticism from media, he clearly has not fallen out of favor with fans.

On Nov. 20, he returned to the Nets from suspension, and the Nets have won 18 of their last 22 games. They are tied for 2nd in the Eastern Conference right now.

After Durant, Irving is the second-highest scorer on the team. He averages 26.2 points per game.

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