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Devon Archer Says Joe Biden Involved in Over 20 Calls about Hunter’s Foreign Business Deals

In a bombshell testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden's business partner, Devon Archer, revealed new details about the Biden family's involvement in foreign business dealings. Archer's claims add to mounting evidence suggesting that President Joe Biden was directly involved in his son's overseas deals, including those with Ukrainian firm Burisma, China, and Romania. This article will delve into Archer's testimony and the implications it may have for the Biden family.

Archer's testimony shed light on how the "Biden brand" helped save Ukrainian firm Burisma from bankruptcy. According to Archer, the Biden family's influence prevented Burisma from going out of business sooner. The Biden brand carried weight, and people were hesitant to challenge Burisma due to its association with the Bidens. This revelation raises questions about whether Joe Biden leveraged his position to benefit his son's business ventures.

Archer testified that Hunter Biden spoke to his father, Joe Biden, every day. Over the course of their 10-year relationship, Hunter may have put his father on the phone with various business associates, but according to Archer, they never discussed any business dealings. Democrats, including Rep. Dan Goldman, emphasized that the conversations were merely about "niceties" like the weather. However, Republicans, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, contested this claim, suggesting that the conversations were indeed about business deals.

Archer's testimony has garnered significant attention and raised the possibility of a Biden impeachment inquiry. Republicans believe that Archer's account could be a game-changer, potentially swaying undecided members of Congress to vote in favor of impeachment. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has urged Republicans to support the inquiry, and the information revealed in Archer's testimony could be instrumental in gaining their backing.

Although Archer's impending prison sentence looms, he chose to testify before the committee. Archer, who is facing legal troubles of his own, has been sentenced to one year and a day in prison for defrauding a Native American tribal entity and investment advisory clients. Despite his legal predicament, Archer believes in the rule of law and the democratic system, prompting him to provide testimony about the Biden family's business dealings.

The Department of Justice's (DOJ) involvement in Archer's case has raised suspicions among Republicans. Initially, the DOJ sought to expedite Archer's sentencing, leading some to believe that it was an attempt to intimidate him ahead of his testimony. However, the DOJ later clarified that it did not want Archer imprisoned before his congressional testimony, alleviating concerns of interference.

One of the key revelations from Archer's testimony is Hunter Biden's use of speakerphone calls to involve his father in business matters. Archer claims that Hunter employed this tactic at least two dozen times. For instance, after a Burisma board meeting in Dubai, Hunter allegedly called Joe and introduced Burisma's owner and executive, seeking their support. Days later, Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and addressed the parliament on issues related to corruption. These instances raise questions about the extent of Joe Biden's involvement in his son's business affairs.

Archer's testimony also touches on the Chinese business dealings involving Hunter Biden. A 2017 email exchange between Hunter, his uncle Jim, and other business partners mentioned the "big guy" receiving a 10 percent stake in a lucrative deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC. Tony Bobulinski, another former associate of Hunter Biden, publicly claimed that the "big guy" referred to President Joe Biden. These allegations further fuel the controversy surrounding the Biden family's foreign business ventures.

Archer's decision to testify before the House Oversight Committee highlights his willingness to cooperate with investigations. His testimony adds to the growing body of evidence gathered from whistleblowers and other sources. Republicans are intensifying their investigation into whether Joe Biden was involved in his son's foreign business deals, and Archer's cooperation strengthens their case.

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