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Donald Trump trading cards sold out. All 45,000 gone in 12 hours, raises 4.4 million dollars

Despite the poor performance of NFTs and cryptocurrency and despite heavy criticism from the media, Former President Donald Trump’s digital trading cards that depict him as a hero sold out in one day.

All 44,000 NFTs that were listed for sale on on Thursday sold out by Friday. Each card was $99.00 and the total netted was $4.4 million.

The digital trading cards show Trump as a cartoon character in a range of brave activities. One card shows him dressed as a superhero, and another shows him holding a gun in hunting gear.

Some Trump allies and supporters criticized the decision that was first announced as a “Major announcement” on Trump Social. However, despite doubts, apparently the project was popular among some of his followers and the venture likely did much better than even the former President expected.

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