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Ecuadorian man legally changes gender to help win custody battle, trans rights groups are furious

René Salinas Ramos, a 47-year-old man from Ecuador, has made headlines after legally changing his gender in order to gain custody of his two daughters. In a country where the laws favor mothers over fathers in custody battles, René took this drastic measure as a last resort.

René told La Voz del Tomebamba, an Ecuadorian news outlet, that the change was not related to his sexuality or identity but rather to circumvent the law. He insists that he still identifies as a man and that this was done solely for the purpose of gaining custody of his children.

This decision has sparked outrage among transgender rights groups who feel that René's actions are undermining their cause. They argue that it sends the wrong message about what it means to be transgender and could potentially lead to more discrimination against trans people.

At the same time, many have expressed sympathy for René's plight and understand why he felt compelled to take such drastic measures. It is an unfortunate situation when someone feels they have no other choice but to change their gender in order to gain custody of their children.

It remains unclear how this case will turn out and whether or not René will be successful in gaining custody of his children.

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