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Elon Musk discuss how “activists groups” want to attack the First Amendment and payment verification

New Twitter Chief Elon Musk recently spoke at the Baron Funds and talked about everything Twitter related, from the social media platform's payment verification plan to how he feel about “activists groups” that want to attack the First Amendment.

According to Elon Musk, Twitter's new payment verification will help reduce spam and expand content capabilities, he explains.

“The point of this is to make crime not pay. Right now to create a bot on Twitter costs less than a penny. The cost of crime is so cheap, and that's part of why crime and hateful conduct pays.”

In recent days, many big companies have pulled advertising from Twitter, with many believing that they're being pressured to do so by different groups. Musk has recently accused these activist groups of launching an attack on the First Amendment.

“Activist groups have been successful in causing massive drop in Twitter advertising revenue. And we've done our absolute best to appease them, and nothing is working. So, this is a major concern and I think this is frankly an attack on the First Amendment.”

At the Baron Funds, Elon further discussed his plan to give each user their own Twitter experience, liking it to the radio. “One of the things that's important is to be able to decide what kind of experience you want to have on Twitter.”

Musk was also asked about trying to satisfy Twitter users, and claimed that “it's very difficult to satisfy extremists, unless you fully buy into what their dogma is.” He also went on to say that he believes with Twitter he could satisfy 80% of America and 80% of the world.

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