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Elon Musk starts the restoration of some major accounts including GOP candidate Mark Finchem

Elon Musk has taken over Kanye West in being the main topic of the week, today has been an eventful day at Twitter, to say the least.

Late Monday night there have been some major moves going on at Twitter, and since Elon Musk is the sole director at Twitter now, it seems like he's the one pulling the trigger to making these moves happen.

GOP nominee for Arizona Secretary of State, Mark Finchem account was locked for a few hours, after the likes of Jack Posobiec, Jenna Ellis, and Kari Lake brought this to the attention of Musk via Twitter, he replied "Looking into it." In a short time, Mark Finchem Twitter account was back up in no time.

That wasn't the only account restoration that went on late Monday morning. Viva Frei account was locked for 24 hours behind discussing information on Paul Pelosi's attack incident. He had a 16-tweet thread explaining everything that happened with the incident so far and that was enough to get him locked out and a day later his account was restored.

Dr. Stella Immanuel one of the American Frontline Doctor's accounts was also restored after being locked out, she immediately tweeted her thanks to Elon Musk for the restoration.

"Thank you so much @elonmusk I’m back on Twitter. It’s time for medical truth to get back to the village square discussion again. Follow me."

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