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Enormous Python Astounds Queensland Residents by Scaling Trees

A Queensland family was left in awe as they filmed a colossal carpet python effortlessly gliding off their rooftop and into the trees of their garden. The tremendous snake, which measured an astounding 16 feet, well exceeded the typical maximum size for carpet pythons, which is usually around 13 feet.


The family first spotted the python on their roof. They watched as it seamlessly moved from their roof to the trees in their garden, a feat that observers humorously described as "parkour." This skin-crawling moment was captured on camera and quickly went viral after it was shared online.

The footage elicited a mix of fascination and fear from viewers, many of whom expressed shock at the python's size. Although the initial shock was considerable, carpet pythons are a common sight in Queensland and are not considered a threat to humans.

Regardless, this incident served as a stark reminder to locals about the diverse and often surprising wildlife they share their environment with. As for the python, it seems to have moved on after its spontaneous display of acrobatics, leaving the community still buzzing from its unexpected visit.

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