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Extended Use of N95 Masks Could Expose Wearers to Toxic Chemicals, NIH-Backed Study Finds

A recent study backed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has raised concerns about the safety of prolonged use of N95 masks, suggesting that wearing them for more than 30 minutes could expose individuals to potentially harmful levels of toxic compounds.

The research conducted by NIH scientists specifically pointed out N95 masks, commonly used during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a potential source of exposure to toxic chemicals. These findings have sparked discussions about the safety of wearing masks for extended periods, especially in high-risk environments such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.

These toxic compounds found in masks have been linked to serious health issues, including seizures and cancer, according to the study. The researchers analyzed the chemical composition of the masks and found several compounds that could be harmful if inhaled in large quantities over a prolonged period.

While the study does not suggest discontinuing the use of masks, it does highlight the need for further investigation into the potential health risks associated with long-term mask usage.

The study's results have prompted calls for manufacturers to review the materials used in mask production and for regulatory bodies to establish guidelines for safe mask usage duration.

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