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Federal Prosecutors Says They Have Enough Evidence To Charge Hunter Biden


According to The Washington Post to people familiar with the situation, federal investigators examining Hunter Biden's actions have gathered what they consider to be adequate evidence to charge him with tax offenses and a false statement about a firearms transaction.

The next stage is for the Delaware US Attorney, to decide whether to file charges against Hunter Biden.

A federal investigation into Hunter Biden began in 2018 and became a key topic for then-president Donald Trump during his re-election run. Former President Trump was the first to speak on many of the key issues and offenses that Hunter Biden could be charged with before the mainstream media went into defense mode and claimed it was all misinformation.

According to the people familiar with the situation, multiple agencies have been looking into whether he underreported his income and lied on gun purchase paperwork in 2018.

A potential indictment has been allegedly built against the younger Biden for months. However, it is ultimately up to prosecutors at the Department of Justice to decide whether or not to bring charges in instances where they feel that the evidence is sufficient enough to result in a conviction at trial.

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