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FIFA rejects Ukraine’s Zelensky plea to share message ahead of World Cup final

Reports say that FIFA rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's request to send out a message about world peace, which he wanted to do before Sunday’s World Cup kickoff.

President Zelensky requested to appear by video and speak directly to fans in the stadium before the championship game in Qatar.

'We thought FIFA wanted to use its platform for the greater good,' a source said, speaking to CNN. The source pointed out that the negative response surprised Zelensky.

FIFA did not respond to a request for clarification by MailOnline.

Talks between Zelensky and FIFA are still underway, CNN said, meaning a message may still be agreed ahead of Sunday's game between Argentina and France.

President Zelensky has spoken at several of the world’s largest events to gain support for Ukraine’s country's defense against Russia. His appearances include the Group of 20 Nations summit, the Grammys, and the Cannes Film Festival.

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