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George and Alex Soros Donate to the 2024 Biden Campaign

The 2024 US Presidential Election has already attracted the attention of high-profile donors, including George Soros and his son, Alex Soros. According to filings, the father and son duo each cut $6,600 checks to President Biden's re-election committee on June 30, 2021. These donations represent their first contribution to the 2024 presidential election and demonstrate their commitment to the globalist agenda.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist. He founded the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a network of organizations that promote democracy, human rights, and social justice around the world. Soros has been a prolific political donor in the United States, supporting Democratic candidates and causes that align with his liberal values.

Alex Soros is George Soros's son and the Deputy Chair of the OSF. He is also a philanthropist and political donor. Alex has maintained a direct pipeline to the White House and has visited at least 20 times since President Biden took office in 2021.

During the 2020 Presidential Election, both George and Alex Soros provided significant donations to Joe Biden's campaign. Alex Soros provided the Biden Victory Fund with over $720,000, while George Soros added more than $500,000 to the committee's coffers. The father and son duo also maxed out donations to Biden's campaign during that election cycle.

In June 2021, both George and Alex Soros donated $6,600 each to President Biden's re-election committee, marking their first contributions to the 2024 presidential election. Although neither has given money to Biden's Victory Fund yet, it is expected that they will provide considerable amounts directly to Biden's re-election efforts and support outside super PACs backing his candidacy as the election draws closer.

The Soros family's political donations align with their globalist agenda, which seeks to promote international cooperation and integrate nations into a single global community. This agenda is rooted in the belief that national borders are artificial and that the world's problems can only be solved through collective action.

George Soros has been a vocal advocate for the globalist agenda, arguing that nationalism is a threat to democracy and that international institutions like the European Union are essential for maintaining peace and prosperity. Soros has also been a strong supporter of open borders and has criticized the United States' immigration policies.

Alex Soros has echoed his father's support for the globalist agenda, advocating for a more interconnected and interdependent world. In a recent interview, Alex argued that we need to move beyond the nation-state model and build a global community that is based on shared values and interests.

George Soros and the OSF have been the subject of numerous controversies over the years. Critics have accused Soros of using his wealth to influence politics and undermine national sovereignty. Some have even gone so far as to accuse Soros of being part of a globalist conspiracy to establish a New World Order.

These claims have been widely debunked, and Soros has defended his philanthropic work as a way of promoting democracy and human rights. Nevertheless, Soros remains a polarizing figure in American politics, with some viewing him as a hero and others as a villain.

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