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Google Manipulates Search to Favor Liberals and Tip Elections

A recent article in the New York Post has revealed that Google is manipulating search results to favor liberals and tip elections. This comes as a shock to many, as it has long been assumed that search engine results are unbiased.

The Media Research Center (MRC) conducted a study which found that when searching for news on certain topics, such as the 2018 midterm elections, Google was more likely to show results from left-leaning sources than right-leaning ones. The MRC is now calling on Google to "stop its war on democracy" and ensure that search engine results remain unbiased.

Robert Epstein, a psychologist who has studied the effects of search engine manipulation, also believes that Big Tech companies are using their platforms to shift millions of votes to the left. He claims that this could be done without people even realizing it.

This issue has been brought into focus by a middle schooler who proved through her own research project that Google search results can influence political opinions. She found that when people searched for information about a political candidate, they were more likely to form an opinion based on what they saw in the top few search results.

Google has denied any bias in its search engine algorithms but this latest evidence suggests otherwise. It is clear that further investigation needs to be done into how much power tech giants have over our political decisions and whether or not they are using it responsibly.

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