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Gov. Ron DeSantis Blast Biden Administration Over Possible Gas Stove Ban

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida's Republican Party fervently opposes the Biden administration for suggesting a federal prohibition against gas stoves.

"When we say don't tread on Florida or let us alone, we mean that, including on your gas stoves! You're not taking our gas stoves away from us. That's your choice! I know many people who cook a lot who do not want to part with their gas stoves," DeSantis said.

"We're going to stand up for that," he said. "You know, they float this to try to do, and they want to do it, let's just be honest. And then you start to see the narrative kick into gear. CNN segments saying it's causing asthma in kids, and all this other stuff. And then they start propagating the narrative, but then they got blowback, so they've kind of had to retreat from that.


"And now the narrative machine is like 'Oh, why are these conservatives talking about gas stoves! They're trying to stoke issues.' No. You were trying to do it and we're fighting back. The bottom line is anything they can get away with, they're going to get away with. And this is just a perfect example of that."

Sparking the Florida Republican's response were statements made by Richard Trumka Jr., a part of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which he shared in an interview with The Washington Post. He had not dismissed banning certain appliances, prompting the agency to retract its statement on Wednesday denying any planned bans.

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