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BREAKING: Mysterious Flying Object Violated Canadian Airspace, Shot Down by U.S Fighter Jet

On Saturday afternoon, a mysterious flying object that had violated Canadian airspace was shot down by an American fighter jet. According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he had ordered the take down of the target after U.S and Canadian military aircraft were scrambled to intercept it. The incident occurred at around 3 pm ET when an F-22 Raptor successfully fired at the unidentified object before it was downed by authorities shortly afterwards.

The debris of the unidentified flying object has now been recovered and taken into custody by Canadian officials for further investigation into what exactly had been in their airspace prior to its destruction. As such, they are expected to announce more details concerning the incident in due course once a thorough analysis of the wreckage has been conducted and its nature determined.

For now, both countries are still looking into why exactly this foreign aircraft was flying over Canadian territory and will be conducting further investigations into this matter in due course. Until then, both nations' militaries will continue monitoring their respective airspaces vigilantly for any suspicious activity or objects present therein until the situation is fully resolved and all details surrounding this incident have been revealed.

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