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Hillary Clinton says right-wing extremists are trying to steal next presidential elections (VIDEO)

Since the 2020 Presidential elections, democrats have been feverishly trying to silence anyone who claims the results of the election weren't legit, and now we have Hillary Clinton herself making false claims about the upcoming presidential elections.

In a newly released video, Hillary Clinton made new claims that right-wing extremists are planning to steal the next presidential election. The former secretary of state and Democratic nominee for president said that these groups are "planning to steal the next presidential elections," she also added that "the right-wing controlled Supreme Court maybe be poised to rule on giving state legislatures... the power to overturn presidential elections.

Clinton pointed to some news she claimed is good, she says Indivisible has the plan to defend democracy and crush the coup and asks if are Americans ready to donate to this cause.

As of now nobody has any idea where these claims came from.

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