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International Arms Dealer Victor Bout Has First Interview After Being Released From US Custody

Viktor Bout, international arms dealer and former Soviet Army Lieutenant Colonel, was sentenced to 25 years in prison in an American prison but was released in a prison swap and returned to Russia. He was swapped for a Brittney Griner, a basketball player who had been imprisoned in Russia.

On Saturday, he was interviewed by Maria Butina of Russia Today. This was his first interview since he was released from a US prison.

He told Butina that he did not hate America and that Russians and Americans have a lot in common. He said that the two places, we would be friends if it weren’t for the propaganda of the elites.

Regarding America, he said, “They’re losing their Christian values. They’re losing their families. They’re losing, literally, their country. It is not anymore the same country we knew. America used to be, the model for the entire world and lead and be an example. Like they say, you know, a sparkling town on a hill.”

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