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Jane Fonda Links Climate Crisis to Racism “Everything’s connected”

Actress and activist Jane Fonda recently appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to discuss her latest projects, including her climate PAC. During the interview, she made an ridiculous statement linking the climate crisis to racism.

"Everything's connected," said Fonda. "There'd be no climate crisis without racism." She went on to explain that the two issues are intertwined, with racism creating a system of inequality that has led to environmental destruction.

Fonda has long been an advocate for social justice and environmental causes, and in 2020 she launched her own political action committee (PAC) called the Jane Fonda Climate PAC. The goal of the PAC is to support candidates who are committed to fighting against fossil fuel interests and taking meaningful action on climate change.

In December of 2022, Fonda returned to Washington D.C., for a rally focused on raising awareness about the growing climate crisis. During her speech, she emphasized how important it is for people to take collective action in order to combat this global issue: "The cure for despair is action."

Jane Fonda's statement has come at a time where elitest, celebrities and athletes are proactively linking any and everything to climate change, to push an obvious agenda. Racism has absolutely nothing to do with the climate.

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