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Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Tried to Blackmail Bill Gates Over Extramarital Affair

According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, convicted sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attempted to extort Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates over an alleged extramarital affair.

Epstein reportedly threatened to expose Gates's relationship with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova if the billionaire did not participate in a charitable fund. This news comes after it was revealed that Gates had met with Epstein multiple times despite his past convictions for sex crimes.

The report also states that the interactions between the two men were complex and that unlike many others, Gates started the relationship after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes. In response to this news, Gates has admitted that meeting with Epstein was a "huge mistake".

This story is still developing as more details emerge about the links between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates. It remains unclear what will come of this situation or if any further action will be taken against either party involved.

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